Golden Word Sayings - By Titles "B"
- from 350 to 699 -

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350.  Rain Falls For Everyone

The Shaikh says: Rain falls for everyone.  The same rain falls on weeds, grass, bushes, trees, men, and animals.  The rain does not fall more abundantly on a good man than it does on a bad man.  Everyone experiences it equally.  Think of this with wisdom.

My son, if you are to become a true human being, your actions, qualities, behavior, and the duty you perform must fall like the rain without partiality.  If you are like that, you will obtain the beauty of God's state.  This is the duty which gnanis and the truly perform.  Realize this.
351.  Uproot Differences
352.  When A Fox Attains Peace
353.  Acquire The Actions Of God
354.  The Flowers Of His Grace
355.  The Falcon Of Divine Wisdom
356.  Advise The Mind
357.  Transient Pleasures
358.  The Wild Animals Of Your Minds
359.  Cut Away The Earth
360.  The Prayer Of Eternal Life
361.  Know God And Believe In Him
362.  Bring About The Death Of The Mind
363.  Find One Good Man Of Wisdom
364.  Siddhar, Workers Of Miracles
365.  Live With Tolerance
366.  Visions
367.  Learning Which Is Not Praised Or Blamed
368.  The Flower Of Your Heart
369.  The Treasure Unseen By Mind And Desire
370.  The Gluttonous Pig Of Desire
371.  Analyze And Reject Evil
372.  Search Within Your Good Qualities
373.  When You Came From Allah
374.  The Past Is Past
375.  Do Not Be Impatient
376.  Before You Do Something Plan Fully
377.  Extract The Current Of Truth
378.  Non-Attachment
379.  Think Deeply
380.  All That Glitters Is Not Gold
381.  Egoism And Possessiveness
382.  Do Not Try To Make The World Peaceful
383.  Dispel Your Scheming And Plotting
384.  Protect The Four Virtuous Qualities
385.  Correct Your Thoughts
386.  Do Not Laugh Out Loud
387.  If A Woman Laughs Out Loud
388.  Share With Other Lives
389.  Control Your Monkey Mind
390.  Keep The Breath Clear
391.  Drink The Milk Of Gnanam
392.  The Egoism Of The "I" And "You"
393.  Shave The Mind
394.  Do Not Admire Your Physical Beauty
395.  Do Not Do Duty For Reward
396.  Do Not Wander, Searching For Peace
397.  Catch The Bull Of Your Mind With Wisdom
398.  Examine Yourself
399.  Live As The Lotus Lies On Water
400.  Plow Just One Acre

My son, rather than plowing a large area of earth to a depth of one inch, scattering seeds everywhere, it will benefit you more to plow just one acre to a depth of four inches.  From that one acre, you will receive a harvest equal to fifty acres.

Like this, my son, do not try to study everything in the world - gnanam here, religion there, yoga here, meditation there, and the four hundred trillion, ten thousand forms of spiritual worship everywhere.  It would be like sowing extensive farmland without sufficient plowing.  That would be of little value.

Within you heart, in a space no bigger than an atom, God has placed the 18,000 universes, good and evil, and the wisdom to differentiate between them.  That is your farmland.  If you plow that land deep with your wisdom, and sow God's qualities and actions with the knowledge of the difference between good and evil, you will receive the wealth of your soul, the bountiful harvest of undiminishing grace. 

Reflect on this and act accordingly.

401.  Winnow While The Wind Is Blowing
402.  Do Only What Is Good
403.  Only Man Has Changed
404.  Man Lived As The Highest Being
405.  Give Wisdom Into The Hands Of The Wise
406.  Draw Milk From A Cow That Has Milk
407.  If A Dog Threatens To Bite You
408.  Sugarcane Is Tasty To An Ant
409.  Do Not Pour Water Onto Fire
410.  The Sun's Radiance Scatters The Clouds
411.  Conquer The Cage Of Your Body
412.  Hunger Knows No Taste
413.  A Dog Is An Enemy To A Dog
414.  Little Thorny Twigs
415.  A Drowning Man Will Come Up Three Times
416.  Gold Is Scarce
417.  Even Though A Man Can Fly In The Sky
418.  Truth Is A Huge Mountain
419.  The Blackness Of A Crow Is Inborn
420.  Harder Than The Hardest Rock
421.  People Say The Body Is A Temple
422.  The World Says, "Tell The Truth"
423.  Do What Is Good For The Country
424.  "Sing!" Urged The Monkey Of The Mind
425.  Those Who Have Many Titles
426.  The Parrot Of Intellect
427.  Search For God In The Truth
428.  All The Religions Say, "Pray"
429.  The Cages Parrot Of Wisdom
430.  What Is Good In The World?
431.  "What Is Good For The Country?"
432.  "Is There A Good Man In The World?"
433.  Great Devotees
434.  The Sparrow Of Subtle Wisdom
435.  The Wise Man And The Green Dove Of The Mind
436.  The Green Parrot Of The Mind
437.  The World Says, "April Fools!"
438.  Pull Out The Huge Tree Of The Mind
439.  Satan Deceived The Snake
440.  The Elephant-Man Of Arrogance
441.  The Rat Asked A Sufi
442.  Who Makes Man Suffer?
443.  The Black-Hearted Human Crows
444.  The Story Of The White Ants
445.  The Goat And The Human Tiger
446.  Man's Burdens Are Greater Than The Donkey's
447.  A Dog And A Blind Man
448.  Who Can Be Called A Man?
449.  Can Man Reach God Through Race And Religion?
450.  The Dream Of Time

A fortuneteller asked a wise man, "Does man carry time with him, or does time move along carrying man?"  The wise man answered,

"It is man who carries time and makes it pass.  Time does not carry man.  Man carries time, counts it, and is subject to the difficulties and conditions of each season that time brings.  If he unburdens himself of time, all things connected to time will also leave."

"Time is the day and night which he himself brings about.  It is the dream he sees.  If man relinquishes darkness, he will no longer exist in the duality of time.  If he gives up the dreaming of his mind, he will lose his thoughts."

"Engulfed in the light of grace, he will live a life without darkness.  Forever he will dwell in the light of God, and there will be no passage of time."

451.  The Connection Between God And Man
452.  What Is Prayer?
453.  Male And Female
454.  The Story Of The Disciple Who Wanted To Rule A Jinn
455.  Vegetarianism
456.  Is There Any Man Who Does Not Eat Flesh?
457.  The Dog And The Fox
458.  Sugarcane And Poison
459.  The Dove And The Hunter
460.  The King Who Desired Gnanam
461.  A Gnana Shaikh, A Rich Man, And A Woodcutter
462.  Karuppan And The Golden Pot
463.  A Lion In A Cage, And The Man Who Saved Him
464.  The King, The Minister, And The Vulture Feathers
465.  Many Religions Lead To The Marketplace
466.  Bramachari, Or Celibacy
467.  What Makes Man Seek Separation?
468.  In What Way Does Sin Enter Man?
469.  Is There A Good Man In This Country?
470.  Can Doubt Be Of Any Benefit?
471.  The Cruelest Most Dangerous Fire
472.  The Best Kind Of Milk
473.  The Sweetest Honey In The World
474.  The Luckiest Thing In The World
475.  The Illusory Pond Of Karmic Illusions
476.  Does Satan Catch Man Or Does Man Catch Satan?
477.  A Hadith: The Rasulullah, The Arab, And Satan
478.  The Cook Who Had Been With The Shaikh For Forty Years
479.  A Guru, His Wife, And A Disciple
480.  Jump Frog, Jump
481.  What Is Needed In A Man's Life?
482.  The Sweetest Sounds In A Man's Life
483.  The Vision Most Cooling To A Man's Eyes
484.  What Hurts The Heart Of Man And Makes Him Suffer?
485.  The Taste Most Sweet
486.  The State That Can Give Tranquility, Peace, And Happiness
487.  What Best Adorns A Woman's Beauty?
488.  A Life Free Of Sadness
489.  The True Meaning Of God
490.  The Difference Between Maya And God
491.  What Is Reborn, And What Does It Mean Not To Be Reborn?
492.  Who Is Good?
493.  All The Things You See, And Place Your Trust In, Will One Day Fail You
494.  Does Man Want To Become Satan, Or Does Satan Want To Become Man?
495.  What Does It Mean To Say That Man Becomes Satan?
496.  The Court Of Justice Within Man
497.  What Is Most Intoxicating To Man?
498.  The Proclamation Of The King
499.  What Should A World Leader Be Like?

500.  How Can We Find A Man Of Wisdom?

"How can we find a man of wisdom, a gnani?  What will he be like?", asked a man.

The Shaikh  replied, "A gnani will dwell among the people, doing his duty, but he will have no attachments to blood ties.  He will be in the world but the world will not be in him.  His love will permeate all lives, and his justice will never fail."

"The integrity and goodness of one who is a gnani must not falter and his duty must be unfailing.  Desire, mind, and evil thoughts must not exist within him.  He must see sorrow of other lives as his own, he must see the happiness of other lives as his own, he must experience the illnesses of other lives as his own, and he must feel the hunger of other lives as his own."

"He must teach the happiness of his life to others, showing them how to experience that happiness."

"In a state without any attachments at all, he must do duty to God, duty to the people, and duty to the soul.  He must have God's qualities and live without any separations or differences."

"Existing in the form of compassion, he has dispelled all evil within him, and he has destroyed all the karma of his birth.  With God's qualities, he will perform God's duty as his own, dispelling the hunger and disease of all lives and the suffering in the mind of the people."

"He will teach the way to dispel the illnesses of birth and karma.  He will make the people understand the grace of God and teach them wisdom, and the way to rid themselves of their own darkness.  He will make their wisdom resonate and help them to attain the liberation of the soul."

"He will have the qualities of patience, sabur or inner patience, and shukur or contentment.  He will place all his trust in God, tawakkal-Allah, and give all praise to God, al-hamdu lillah."

"His heart will be filled with compassion.  To give love to all lives will be his life.  He will not deviate an atom from faith in God.  Such is the state of a gnani."

501.  The Relationship Between A King And His People
502.  The People Of An Exalted Nation
503.  How May A Nation Progress?
504.  True Socialism
505.  A Land Which Enjoys The Freedom Of God
506.  Analytic Wisdom
507.  Children Who Perform Duties And Service To God
508.  A Treasure Which Transcends Wisdom And Intellect
509.  Jesus Said, "The Glory Of The Son Of Man Will Be Seen In The Clouds"
510.  When The Disciple Is Ready, The Shaikh Will Be By His Side
511.  Use Your Wisdom
512.  What Is Needed To Make A Country Prosper?
513.  What Is Needed To Make The House Of Man's Body Peaceful?
514.  Creation Is A History Book
515.  Islam Is A Vast Mystery Of Allah
516.  Islam Is To Become Pure
517.  Three Kinds Of Children
518.  It's All False
519.  Pay Obeisance To Him
520.  One Who Desires What Is Forbidden
521.  Contentment
522.  Mu'mim, A True Believer
523.  Intention
524.  The Fiery Ocean Of Injustice
525.  Jihad, A Holy War
526.  Destroy Religious Hatred
527.  Do Not Serve God With A Motive
528.  Do Not Set Out To Capture The Kingdom Of Allah
529.  Perfect Peace
530.  Seek The Qualities Of Allah
531.  The Bigger Thief Within
532.  The Fire Of Racial Differences
533.  The Grace Of Divine Knowledge ('Ilm)
534.  The Exalted State Of The Forgiver
535.  Expel The Slanderer Within
536.  If A Man Evaluates His Own Actions
537.  Know, Learn, And Understand 'Ilm (Divine Knowledge)
538.  A Man With No Compassion
539.  Treat Your Babies With Goodness
540.  Do Only Good For The Family Of Mankind
541.  Any Man Who Is Willing To Help Humanity
542.  Sabur, The Forbearance Of Inner Patience
543.  Charity
544.  Do Not Mislead Others
545.  Correct Yourself
546.  Charity Given Unwillingly
547.  True Fasting
548.  The Significance Of Fasting
549.  Understand Good And Evil
550.  Ask For God's Forgiveness

O mankind, every part of our body has desires, and every part thinks of and looks for the essence of the world and evil.  Therefore, ask for God's forgiveness with every breath and every word.

551.  Search For Your Own Faults
552.  Realize The Wealth Of Prayer
553.  Within Allah Is The Seed Of His Benevolence
554.  Allah Laughs At Selfish People And Waits
555.  The Rasulullah, The Hunter, And A Deer
556.  The Arabs And The Tiger
557.  A Letter Without An Address
558.  Service Done Selfishly
559.  A Wise Man Must First Improve Himself
560.  A Violin With No Strings
561.  Discard The Parroting Of Mantras
562.  Live As A True Man
563.  It Is Easy To Become A Guru
564.  Always Remain A Student
565.  Before Time Takes Control Of Man
566.  The Wealth Of This World And The Next
567.  Prerequisites Of Iman-Islam
568.  Where Will You Go After Death?
569.  The Clothing Most Beautiful For The Life Of A Man
570.  Things Needed To Make The Body Happy
571.  A Pond Without Banks
572.  The Creations Judge And Punish Themselves
573.  Plant The Seed Of Human Wisdom Within God's Grace
574.  Vasistar And Arunthathy
575.  The Ant-Eating Lizard
576.  The Fox And The Crocodile
577.  A Guru In The East And A Shaikh In The West
578.  Mansur Al-Hallaj
579.  A Real Mystery
580.  The Man Who Went To The Jungle To Meditate
581.  The Place Best For Meditation
582.  Who Meditates Upon Whom?
583.  How To Overcome The World
584.  When Will One Attain Peace?
585.  All Lives Are Like Your Own
586.  Who Is Good For The Country?
587.  Animal-Man
588.  What Is The Greatest Happiness?
589.  What Is Best For Love?
590.  God Creates, Protects, And Nourishes
591.  Hunger Knows No Taste
592.  Thoughts In The Mind Of Man
593.  Five Common Types Of Insanity
594.  An Explanation Of Creation
595.  What Is Necessary In The World?
596.  Who Must Rule The World?
597.  The Distinction That Money Confers
598.  To Become A True Man
599.  If The Vision Of The Eye Is Occluded

600.  Do Not Cry For Money

Do not cry for money.  It will ruin your qualities.  Cry and search for God's qualities, the qualities that will destroy the corpse of the karma of your birth, and make your life eternal.

601.  An Indestructible Flower
602.  Poisonous Snakes And The Garuda Of Wisdom
603.  The Qualities Of An Ostrich
604.  Sages Have Spoken
605.  The Three Worlds That Appear In Man
606.  Seven Things That Bring Exaltedness To Iman
607.  The Cobra Has A Jewel And Poison
608.  Taste The Fruit To Know The Flavor
609.  Food Gathered From The World
610.  Trivial Friendships
611.  Excessive Friendships
612.  Too Much Teasing
613.  A Sharp Blade Will Dull
614.  Tricks And A Sharp Wit
615.  One's Own Hunger
616.  Greed
617.  Justice And Compassion
618.  Worse Than The Poison Of A Deadly Snake
619.  Joy
620.  The Praise Sought By Mind And Desire
621.  What Is Tasty To The Mouth
622.  What Is Tasty To Your Tongue
623.  Allah's Love Is Tasty
624.  What Is Tasty To One Who Does Good
625.  Self-Pride
626.  The Arrogance Of The "I"
627.  Jealousy
628.  Doubt
629.  Patience
630.  One Who Acquires God's Qualities
631.  When Allah Loves Us, The World Will Drive Us Away
632.  One Happiness
633.  Uwais Ul-Qarni
634.  The Shaikh's Words Are Like Rain
635.  To A Perfected Man, The World Is Just An Atom
636.  The Gnana Shaikh Is A Mirror
637.  A Seed Must Be Planted At The Correct Time
638.  There Is No Astrology For True Man
639.  Eliminate Doubt
640.  Does God Test His Children?
641.  The World Is Only An Example
642.  Are You On The Straight Path?
643.  Satan Will Try To Disturb You
644.  Listen To Your Father's Words
645.  A Brass Pot Tarnishes Easily
646.  God Is Unlearned In The World
647.  What Is Din?
648.  In Islam, All Mankind Is One
649.  The Baby Of Mind And Desire

650.  If The World Is Within There Is Fear

The Shaikh said: My son, there are certain things which are vital to man's understanding of life. 

No matter how a man thinks, no matter how he lives, he will still have the fear of illness and death.  But if he can live as a real human being, if wisdom dawns in him, if faith in God develops within him, there will be no room for fear.

If wisdom and absolute faith (iman) are firmly established within us, we can reach the state of death before death.  Before the Angel of Death visits us, we will have cut all our attachments to the world; we will have become "dead" to the world.

If we can establish the certitude that God alone exists, then God alone will dwell within us.  If we retain only God's treasure within us, we will have no fear, because the Angel of Death can capture us only if the treasures of the world are within us.  If we keep the treasure called Allah, the Angel of Death will not enter.

As long as you have the world within you, there is fear.  But if Allah is within you, neither suffering nor death will visit. 

It is the connection to earth that brings suffering, because suffering is natural on the earth.  If you had no connection to earth, even if suffering and death were to come, they would not affect you, because you would no longer be dwelling within the elemental body.  For when Allah is within you, you will be dwelling within the body of resplendent light.

651.  Worthless Things
652.  A Man Who Cannot Control His Lust
653.  A Man Who Cannot Control His Anger
654.  One Without Discrimination
655.  A House Without Protection
656.  Unearned, Undeserved Wealth
657.  Charity Without Compassion
658.  Rainwater Falling Into The Sea
659.  One Who Does Not See The Truth
660.  See What Must Be Seen
661.  When One Expects Shade From A Cactus
662.  The Four Aspects Of Life
663.  A Cat Creeps In Order To Kill
664.  Wisdom Without Maturity
665.  The Fate Of The Goat And The Pot
666.  The High-Caste Husband And The Shoemaker
667.  Man's Explanation, Resonance, And Resplendence
668.  Consider Each Action With Care
669.  A Man Who Will Not Seek Truth
670.  Writing On Water
671.  Search With Perseverance
672.  One Who Learns From A Book
673.  Rain Without A Sky
674.  The Learning Of One Who Has No Truth
675.  Those Who Desire Benefit
676.  Right And Wrong
677.  A Hell Filled With Fire
678.  Ministers Who Give Evil Advice
679.  God Is Our Only Friend
680.  A Friend With Evil Qualities
681.  To Feed A Snake
682.  Different Births Within The Same Body
683.  God's Representative
684.  Do Not Harm Others
685.  Do Not Make An Enemy Of Your Neighbor
686.  Do Not Make An Enemy Of The Neighborhood
687.  Do Not Accept Falsehood As Truth
688.  Do Not Advertise Your Charity
689.  Do Not Make Fun Of The Poor
690.  Do Not Kill Any Life
691.  Act With Justice And Faith
692.  Show Kindness Toward All
693.  Do Not Ridicule The Weak
694.  Do Not Curse Anyone
695.  Do Not Trust Your Relatives
696.  Do Not Rejoice In Acquiring Money
697.  Do Not Cry Because You Are Poor
698.  Do Not Look At The World And Wonder
699.  Transform The Animals Within You